How The Golden State Warriors Were Able to Win Again

The Golden State Warriors won their last NBA title last season, it was Steve Kerr’s fourth NBA title as head coach with the Warriors. From 2015 to 2022 they have won a massive number of four titles that is half of the titles in the last eight years. They came into the 2021-22 season with +1000 odds to win the title at most sportsbook review websites, which was fourth-best in the league overall. After missing the playoffs consecutively for two seasons they were again setting their eyes on the Larry O’Brien trophy. Steph Curry who still single handedly changed games and is also known as one of the greatest shooters of the game was amazing throughout the season and also won the MVP in the finals. 

Conference Competition

The western conference concluded with Phoenix Suns and Memphis Grizzlies finishing first and second respectively, Warriors were just behind them with third place finish. With the home record of 31-10 it was huge that they had home advantage over the sixth-place Denver Nuggets, as they eased past them. The Nuggets only managed to win one game and the series ended 4-1. Memphis Grizzlies were up next who had home advantage over them, Warriors had to win at least one game out of the first two and that is what they exactly did as they won the first game with only one point (117-116). 

Now they just had to win the remaining home matches and that is how they defeated Grizzlies winning 4-2 in the series. In the conference finals they met the Dallas Mavericks who were fourth ranked and defeated Phoenix Suns in the semis, the series which went right down to the wire but the Mavericks came out on top in the seventh match in front of the Sun’s crowd. But it looked like the Mavericks did not stand a chance as they were defeated convincingly by the Warriors in a series that only lasted five games. Steph Curry came into his own as he was scoring for fun throughout the series. 

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Eastern Conference Foes

Now came the NBA finals, where it was the Boston Celtics versus the Golden State Warriors. Celtics finished second on the other side of the league and in the playoffs, they defeated Brooklyn Nets, Milwaukee Bucks, and Miami Heat. The series against the Bucks and Heat had seven games with Celtics eventually coming out on top. The Warriors had the home-court advantage as they finished with a higher win percentage in the regular season despite being the lower-seeded team. Boston won the first game, handing the Warriors their first home defeat in the postseason, although the Warriors came back in the second game. 

The Finals

They had a strong third quarter and won the game 107-88, with Steph Curry scoring twenty-nine points and six rebounds. In the third game, Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tantum both had 25+ point games to give Boston the lead in the series. Then Curry was up to his antics again as he scored forty-three points in game four, but game five was where the Warriors showed that even if Steph does not have a good game they can still win. Winning three games in a row, the Warriors clinched their fourth title in eight years while Celtics could not win their seventeenth to go above the Lakers. Steph Curry was the MVP in the final and rightly so.

The fans again saw their trophy arrive in their home and they celebrated with their players. Winning half of the championships in eight years will forever be a massive achievement, maybe they can add to their success too. Can they do it again in 2023? Time will tell. 

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