Home Remedies Raw Honey For Dog Diarrhea

Home Remedies: Raw Honey For Dog Diarrhea

Raw Honey For Dog is a home remedy since Honey has been used throughout history for its health properties and its capacity to promote recovery from ailments. The natural substance offers powerful antioxidants along with a multitude of vitamins and minerals and boasts as an antimicrobial/antibacterial substance.

Raw Honey For Dog is preferred over processed comparisons because, with processing, heat can thin the consistency and destroy the nutrients. Raw honey is particularly advantageous for dogs for a number of symptoms like diarrhea, and overall maintenance for wellness without the need to ingest a significant amount.Read vet advice for dog diarrhea here. The suggestion for a dog of 20 pounds ingesting a dose of raw honey is approximately ¼ teaspoon.

The administration is simple with pups favoring the sweet flavor, typically taking it directly from a spoon, or, for extra thick consistency, you can roll a favorite treat in the sweet substance.

Raw Honey As A Remedy For Dog Symptoms 

Home Remedies by which Dogs can benefit from raw honey for various health symptoms like bouts of gastrointestinal upset, but the substance also has the capacity for maintaining a pup’s overall wellness and promoting recovery from ailments. Some advantages a pet parent will find for their canine using this home remedy include:

  • Reduction In Gastrointestinal Upset:  For pets suffering from symptoms of dog diarrhea or upset stomach due to a minor health condition, this home remedy is capable of soothing the gastrointestinal system with only a few doses.

Honey is a natural antibacterial with the ability to destroy bacteria making it possible to control the potential for minor ulcers in the dog’s stomach as well. It’s vital to visit with a vet when diarrhea or other symptoms arise to get an accurate diagnosis in case more stringent medical care is required.

  • Relieves Allergies: Research supports the honey as a resource to battle environmental allergies. The key for the product to work is to purchase a local substance that will have small levels of pollen consistent with your atmosphere allowing the dog’s body to acclimate to the potential allergens slowly preventing the likelihood of a “full-blown” reaction.
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You want to make sure the allergy is environmental and not food related. Hot spots, scratching, and itching are also indicative of food allergies. The raw product can soothe areas irritated skin from scratching.

Dog Diarrhea

  • Cuts/Burns/Scrapes Healing: A “Manuka” variety is the ideal option for wound dressing. It has actually been FDA – approved for human patients who are burn victims. But the suggestion is that any raw honey can keep a wound moist and clean, in turn, creating the right conditions for healing. With its antibacterial properties, the opportunity for infection is decreased with greater protection surrounding the injury.

The first step is to clean the injury thoroughly and then apply a thick coat of the honey followed by thin bandaging if it’s a necessity. You might need to place an “Elizabethan” collar or some type of device, so the pup is unable to lick the wound site. Substantial injuries like a puncture or a wide or deep wound need to be examined by a vet before any remedy is applied.

  • Vitality For Seniors: Raw compound is still sugar, which is a boost to a dog’s energy. Anecdotal studies indicate that using this as overall maintenance for older canines can help them to regain some of their vitality and drive. For pet parents of athletic dogs, they use the products to encourage endurance, promote greater energy levels, and improve vitality.

Obesity can be a significant problem with dogs, particularly senior pups and with specific breeds. Giving your canine honeyon a daily basis for health maintenance is a suggestion. But if you choose to incorporate this tip, there needs to be an allowance made in their diet and fitness routine to adjust for the calories. You also want to stick to the tiny doses each day and no more than that, ¼ teaspoon for every 20 pounds.

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Honey treatments need to be reserved for dogs over a year old. A puppy’s digestive system is not mature enough to move “Clostridium botulinum” spores (found in dust and dirt) through his body before harm can be caused, making a pup sick.

Home remedies are a natural, safe alternative for minor situations and overall health maintenance. Raw Honey For Dog Diarrhea, But if the puppy is showing severe symptoms, please visit a vet before you begin a course of any treatment.

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