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Handy tips for choosing a good soccer ball

Finding the correct soccer ball becomes challenging for players because of multiple brands. These brands vary widely in price and have many variants; most individuals are left with spinning heads when trying to discover the best for themselves. Thus, some experts can help you get the best thing out of your budget. For this, there are a few vital things you have to look into when selecting a perfect soccer ball. 

  • Size

Soccer balls are available in different sizes that range from 1 to 5. Size 5 is considered the biggest and designed for older adults and youth. Size one is the minor option for promotional purposes and for the youngest players who desire skill development—some charts explicitly outline size, age, and measurement. You can use this for the best result. 

  • Cover construction

The exterior construction layer in a soccer ball is called the cover and comes from synthetic leather of polyurethane or polyvinyl chloride. Better covers come with polyurethane, and the lower ends come from polyvinyl chloride. Contemporary balls have 18 or 26-panel designs. The typical panel construction is the 32 panels. The 32-panel ball provides true strength, whereas other choices may get kicked off with force. Balls with high-quality construction come with more durability. Machine stitching is found in middle-quality options, whereas the low-end soccer balls are the ones that will not last even for three months.  

  • Lining

There are multiple layers of lining between the bladder and the covering of the ball. It creates strength and adds to the durability. When you go for premium ones, it gives an added softness. The feature differentiates low-quality options from high-quality balls. 

  • Bladder type
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Two categories of ladders help in constructing Soccer balls. These are listed below: 

  • Latex: It gives the ball a decent bounce and is soft. 
  • Butyl: It gives excellent air conservation capacity. 

Latex bladder naturally loses more air than the other option. However, the butyl bladder retains air for a few weeks and top latex every few weeks. 

  • Standards

There are several approvals you must be aware of when selecting a soccer ball, as the ball may require to meet various specifications.

  • Soccer Balls used in high school competitions are available in different qualities. There are three levels, which encompass essential, quality, and quality pro. 
  • As per Chiangrai Times, Balls used for international games must meet a few criteria, and only the highest quality is approved. 
  • The quality and basic certification standards replace old standards. Most high-quality and moderate ones have a logo showing their standard and durability. Balls that pass the basic testing process get approval. 

The more you know these fundamental areas, the better will be your ball selection. If you want to enjoy your sport with less stress, you have to get a high-quality ball for the purpose. Remember, you are paying to get the perfect ball, so you are entitled to get the best. A good ball will help you play a perfect game. Hence, use expert guidelines to buy a premium quality ball. 

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