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Womens Beginner Guide To Creating a Weight Lifting Routine

If you are like most women, you may have focused on cardio workouts. However, to better tone and shape your muscles, you need to add weight to your workout. You may feel overwhelmed about where to start, but these are a few tips to help you.

Why You Should Train With Weights

Weight training has many benefits. First, this type of training often has the fastest results because it burns much more body fat than cardio workouts. . It helps you prevent muscle loss, improves your posture and decreases your risk of injury. Weight training also helps you build strength.

You should also notice your stress level decrease and your confidence increase. You should start sleeping better after starting your training as well.

Develop a Support System

Your first task should be to develop a support system. You need to work with someone who understands women’s weight programs and how they can best help you reach your fitness goals. Many trainers offer online courses or customized videos you can follow. You can also pay for personal training help.

You should also consider searching for the best workout app for women. This app will help you track your workouts and keep you focused. You may even start a workout group. Also, make sure you have the appropriate gear, including gloves that can help you grip the weights better.

Start With Smaller Weights

You can start your workouts at home, or you can join a gym. You may even consider purchasing a workout kit or program subscription. No matter what path you choose, start with light weights.

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You need to learn the movements first. If your muscles aren’t taxed with these lighter weights and the suggested repetitions, do more repetitions. The key is to maintain proper posture and positioning first. If you start with heavier weights, you may push your body out of alignment to lift the weight.

Once you are comfortable with the movements and you can do them without getting out of alignment, you can increase your weight. Also, your body will get used to the weight and strain of your workout every six weeks or so; therefore, this is a good time to increase your weight.

Focus on Lean Muscle

Many women wonder how to get lean muscle for females. Many believe that lifting weights will only make you bulky, like men, but this is not the case. Your body does not have the testosterone that causes men’s muscles to get bulky. Instead, you will sculpt and build lean muscle.

Slow Down Your Movements

One of the best ways to intensify your workout, even if you are only lifting light weights, is to slow your movements. Your movements should be steady and slow. Apply constant tension as you contract and release every muscle. Consider working toward 10-14 seconds for each contraction and up to 10 seconds for every release.

Studies show that these slow movements increased strength building by up to 50%. In addition, slow reps with lighter weights protect your muscles from damage and help you stay in proper form.

Weight training is a great way to target specific muscle groups. For example, you may focus on exercises for glutes female. Do your research and find the weight lifting program that works best for you.

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