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Fantasy Football Draft Strategy – Understanding The Essentials

People play for many reasons, but ultimately, the goal and expectation is winning. Taking things back to the basics is the best way for rookies and expert fantasy football players to succeed. Let’s look at a few ways to have a successful league.

Strong Draft Strategy

Any game or sport is not simply determined by what goes on on the field. The league is a culmination of events and decisions made prior. When you make intelligent choices ahead of time, winning becomes more likely.

For fantasy football, there’s the pre-draft and the actual draft.


It essentially allows you to know who the players are beforehand. You can see their unique points and even develop a mock draft. Here are the essential parts of a pre-draft.

  • List of Players: Using a cheat sheet can be helpful. It will help you know details about players, such as performances and injuries. You can also find valuable and reliable statistics concerning players from many reliable sources. A good example is the fantasy football counselor podcast. The advice and expertise will help you decide which players to pick.
  • Player Rankings: Many experts usually take the time to compile trustworthy lists that contain details about players and how they rank in the league. Expert websites often rely on the services of a professional SEO consultant that help them rank higher on Google pages. This factor makes them trustworthy.
  • Mock Drafts: You can test a draft and strategy before the actual draft. It is a crucial tool that many fantasy football websites provide. Unfortunately, not many owners take advantage of this valuable resource. Other than testing out your strategy, a mock draft will help you see what players are available at every stage, which is a crucial part of a draft.
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The Draft

Once you have taken the time to practice in the pre-draft, it’s time to participate in the actual draft. In this stage, you will acquire the initial roster. There’s so much involved in this stage, but let’s look at the two types of drafts.

Auction Drafts

As the name suggests, it is a draft where team owners bid on players. Usually, team owners get an equal amount of virtual money to bid.

They fill their rosters by nominating players to put on the auction board. The highest bid wins. It is an exciting way to gain players, and even though it may be considered relatively advanced, it is an incredible experience for any fantasy football player.

The unique aspect of this draft is that it requires wit, knowing where fellow managers stand, and also how to manage resources.

Snake Drafts

These drafts arrange teams in a particular order, i.e., from first to last—owners in the league draft different players in turns for a single round. In the next game, the order reverses, and so on. This method is straightforward and excellent for new players. To make the most of this snake method:

  • Diversify your lineup.
  • Be keen on bye weeks. Ensure that you don’t draft players of the same position in the same bye week.

Wrapping Up

Fantasy football is a game of wit and strategies. When you understand the fundamentals of the game, it helps you make intelligent decisions for the league ahead and give you a better chance of winning.

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