• Winner: Marco Belinelli (SA)
    • The contest saved the best for the end: with the new rules (4 additional money balls) players can score 34 points instead of 30, but the results of the first round were very weak.
    • Marco Belinelli’s 19 points on the final seemed enough, but Bradley Beal scored a perfect last rack (first on the night) to tie Belinelli effort.
    • On the tiebreaker Belinelli made the best round of the night to win the contest.

    3-Point Scores

    Players1st RoundFinalTie-breaker
    Marco Belinelli191924
    Bradley Beal211918
    Damian Lillard18
    Kyrie Irving17
    Kevin Love16
    Stephen Curry16
    Arron Afflalo15
    Joe Johnson11

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    • Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving is back again to defend last year’s 3 Point Shootout Contest title.
    • The competition in New Orleans will be really hard: 4 NBA All-Star players and 3 of the best NBA shooters (Kyle Korver declined the NBA invitation).
    • Nobody since Jason Kapono (20072008) has won the contest in two consecutive editions.
    • There are four players from East conference and another four from West conference. The competitors with the highest score from each conference after the first round will compete head-to-head on the final.
    • There’s a new rule for the contest. Every rack has the usual 4 orange balls worth 1 point plus one three-color (money ball) worth 2 points. The change is that each player will be able to pick a ‘money ball rack’, wherever he feels more comfortable, to shot 5 money ball from there.
    • Stats through Feb. 6
    Arron AfflaloORL902110.4271
    Bradley BealWAS751840.4081
    Marco BelinelliSAN741670.4431
    Stephen CurryGS1543830.4023
    Kyrie IrvingCLE812290.3542
    Joe JohnsonBRO862210.3893
    Damian LillardPOR1403460.4051
    Kevin LoveMIN1072850.3752

    Charlotte All-Star Game 2019

    Open A
    Open B
    Spectrum Center

    Game Countdown

    Team Stephen 42 36 34 33 - 145
    Team Lebron 31 45 33 39 - 148
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