Tips to Follow the NBA

Complete NBA Tips to Follow the NBA for Beginners

Are you interested in basketball, specifically NBA, and are considering following it? Well, it may seem like the NBA is hard to understand but with this guide, you’ll find it fun and easy to understand. Just like with other sports, to become an avid NBA fan, you need to choose your favorite player. This means that you will be cheering for and following the team that your favorite player plays for. When you follow your favorite player, you will be more engaged in the game and will find watching the game much more enjoyable. In this guide, you will find advice and NBA daily tips on how to follow NBA so that you can join your friends in discussing the latest action.

Selecting your Favorite Team or Player

Selecting a team is usually easy if you have a player that you enjoy watching. If you like an NBA team located in your city better, you will probably be familiar with some of the players already. The good thing about the NBA is that a game is played by 9 to 10 players. This means that you will not have plentiful names to remember.

You will most likely see superstar players’ names popping up fairly often in basketball news and you won’t have to remember the names because they are frequently mentioned. If you’re still having difficulties choosing your team, find a basketball player who you think you’d want to play like if you were lucky to play in the NBA. Also, watching a team lose time and again is no fun – so choose a team that is winning.

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NBA’s YouTube Channel

NBA’s YouTube channel usually shows 10-minute highlights of the most important parts of each game. This means that you will never have to miss the most important moments of the game. Although the game’s highlights do not beat the experience of watching a real game, it is still a thing of beauty to watch. People who can’t commit two hours of their time to watch a basketball game will find these highlights and NBA daily tips to be quite engaging and entertaining.

Follow All-Star Weekend

Another great way of familiarizing yourself with basketball superstars is watching the NBA Allstar game. In early February, the NBA hosts a series of weekend events such as the dunk competition, Celebrity basketball game, and most importantly, the NBA Allstar game itself. In these games, all the big names in the sport participate trying to get some limelight.

In the Allstar game, the players who play are decided through fan voting. This means that only the greatest players in the NBA get to play in this tournament. It is very fun and entertaining to watch and you will learn a myriad of superstar names that you were not familiar with.

Important Things to Know About NBA

The main things about NBA that you should know about include:

  • Season. A full season consists of 82 games and playoffs which involve a series of seven games.
  • Rules. NBA has a plethora of rules but all of them are available from the NBA website (
  • Load management. This is an NBA term that is used to imply that players are resting to nurse fatigue and injuries from a grueling NBA season.
  • Injuries. It is common for injuries to happen in a game and some of them can keep a player out for the entire season.

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