college football 2020 fall season

College Football 2020 Fall Season Gets Postponed Till Spring 2021

College football season of 2020 got postponed after an onerous summer of discussion whether to commence the sports season or not. The news of the reschedule came on Saturday.

The Mid-American Conference of the National Collegiate Athletic Association declared that all the sports events would not happen until the coming spring. All the presidents voted this decision with one accord. There is of course Covid-19 which influenced the FBS league to postpone decision but there are other factors also at work apparently.

The commissioner of The Mid-American Conference Jon Steinbrecher said that their student players were too important to them to put them into such ambiguous positions where they could face harm. It is a tough decision for them but necessary also. This decision has put the other nine of the Big Ten in a difficult position whether to continue playing or not.

The Big Ten to stop full correct sports practice

The Big Ten announced to stop full contact sports practice. They would like to take full safety measures to move forward with further activity and share information with every campus. The conference was held on Saturday with the usual president’s meeting. There were rumors of delay in the most expensive conference in fall sports. Commissioner Kevin Warren was endorsing the spring season for football as per the report of Detroit Free Press on Saturday.

An industry insider said that by later this week an all the other sports which would have taken place in the fall could be now delayed till spring and will be finalized at every conference.

The Southeastern Conference declared a ten-game season for the opponents of every member. The announcement came on last Friday. The Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) and the Big Ten announced their complete schedule at the beginning of this week. The Atlantic Coast Conference and the Big Ten were to kick off from September 3 and September 10 respectively.

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There was a lot of speculation around the decision of delaying the sports conferences. It affects both country’s cultural sentiment and financial health.

The FBS was considering a whole lot of options about further proceeding with their activity. A lot of false rumors were making rounds but more time passed the authorities got a clearer picture of the decision.

Brian Hainline, the chief medical officer of NCAA said on Friday about the weekly Social Series of the association that utmost coordination was desirable to proceed further.

Covid-19 influences the decision of postponing the fall season football

Covid-19 pandemic is the main reason for this decision to postpone the sports season of course. There are many student-athletes who are yet to return to college campuses due to the fear of contamination. The authorities reported that many students are also persisting signs of the Covid-19 infection i.e heart problems. Moreover, there are a lot of athletes who are choosing to drop out of the season as well.

Power 5 to take a call whether to cancel the league or not

Power 5 conferences arranged a meeting on Sunday over the decision whether to postpone the fall season or not. They have not taken any important call yet saying that the situation was not looking good for the season to happen. Presidents, ADs, and commissioners were looking at every available option.

The solution was yet to find and maybe backtracking was a viable option to articulate further proceedings.

Their situation would be quite ironic given the circumstances if the MAC cut down one of the wealthiest college football seasons. It would categorize on 9th or 10th position in the list of 10 conference FBS. Northern Illinois came off 5-7 2019 season which drives Domino first.

NIU endorsed most for delaying the fall season league. Huskies would opt-out from the fall season anyway even it would take place. But final the fall sports season is not happening as anonymously voted out.

MAC monitors the Big Ten’s move

MAC insider said that safety is their priority as no one can ignore the science. They followed the Big Ten discussion over the postponement and then went to announce their decision first.

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An administrative officer of Group of  5 conferences said that MAC already knew about Big Ten’s move. Moreover, Pac-12 will also follow the same path.

Pac-12 follows the Big Ten’s announcement on cancelation of football season

Pac-12 was mostly following the Big Ten decision than to follow others. SI said that Pac 12 arranged a meeting on August 5 with their presidents. The Big Ten took the decision to go forward with a conference-only schedule on July 9 but now both Big Ten and the PAC 12 could possibly cancel their fall season and announce it at the end of this week.

SEC sources said to SI that the situation was too bad now. The FBS conference is impossible to continue virtually if Pac 12 and the Big Ten cancels the season. It would be impossible to win a national championship if things goes like this.

There will be a series of announcements in the coming weeks over the canceling of the fall sports league. Moreover, the hope of the spring season is also vague as of now. On August 8, Greg Sankey, the commissioner of SEC announced schedules of March 12 on ESPN radio. Each conference canceled its basketball tournaments individually.

Spring season of college football is the only ray of hope

Greg Sankey said that the decision was only a ray of hope but couldn’t give guarantee for obvious reasons. There has been chaos in the football industry since March lockdown. The summer season was on the cards but couldn’t take place. All the colleges were trying to protect their athletes and avoid any worst-case scenarios amid this fight against Coronavirus in the country.

The sports industry thought to continue the season in spite of the scenarios of Covid-19. Moreover, 10 million dollars of revenger were at stake. This financial loss could affect the budget of jobs and scholarships of athletes and even Olympic sports.

One of the directors of Power 5 athletic said in April that people of the nation would experience this year fall without football and there were no other options left.

Financial stability is also in danger in August as the country is facing hard times tackling the Coronavirus pandemic and its effect on higher education. So the loss of fall season of college football seems inevitable.

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