Chicago Bulls: All six-championship ring up for auction worth $255,840

Chicago Bulls: All Six-Championship Ring Up for Auction Worth $255,840

Now one can have an equal number of NBA championship rings as Michael Jordan. The reason for that is that Chicago Bulls security guard John calls traded six of the rings at an auction for a combined total of $255,840.

Championship rings owned by long time security guard of Chicago bulls John Capps

According to reports, the rings were owned by John Capps. He used to be Chicago Bulls’ security guard from 1966. The legend died in 2018 in Chi-Town.

The long time Bull guard had great camaraderie with Bull legends as well as Michael Jordan. John was in ESPN’s documentary “The Last Dance” also.

Strong camaraderie between Jordan and Capps over jumbotron races

John Capps and Michael Jordan used to gamble over jumbotron races. Scottie Pippen said that during a timeout of games Michael Jordan and the security guard Capps indulged in this fetish. Jordan would collect the insider information about the game’s winner from the team.

The rings are a commemoration of the dynasty of Chicago Bulls during 1991-93 and other three from 1996 to 1998. The Huggins & Scott auction saw a remarkable sale.

There were a full set of rings up for grab, but this is not the first time though. Earlier in February scorekeeper of Bulls, Bob Rosenberg demanded $300k for his six championship rings.

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Rings sold at Huggins & Scott Auctions for over $255k

The auction started from October 22. Those found their new possessor at 8:09 am PT on October 23 at Huggins & Scott Auctions for over $255k.

According to the information the breakups of the prices of the complete six championship bling of Chicago Bulls-1991 ring for $39,360,

1992’s ring got $47,970, 1993 ring had $45,510, $24,600 for 1996’s one and rings from 1997 and 1998 got each $49,200.

There is no information about the new owners as yet.

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