The Best Outdoor WiFi Range Extender of 2022

The Best Outdoor WiFi Range Extender of 2022

An outdoor WiFi range extender can help you extend your existing WiFi signal to cover areas that your router can’t reach. In 2021, you have a lot of options available to extend your WiFi coverage, both for consumers and businesses. This means that dedicated wireless extenders have lost some of their value and have either been absorbed by access points or routers, which can now run in this mode if the user desires.

If you’re looking for best wifi extender for backyard to cover your entire yard, a mesh WiFi system is typically the best option. However, since we’re talking about using WiFi outdoors, things get a bit more complicated and there aren’t as many options available. Netgear does offer a cool way to extend the signal from your house to your yard using the Orbi Outdoor Satellite, but this will keep you inside Netgear’s ecosystem (not that there’s anything bad about it, since the Orbi is a great WiFi system.. when it is stable).

When determining how to best set up your devices, you’ll want to consider any walls or other obstacles that might interfere with the signal. You’ll also want to be aware of any potential interference from outdoors sources like trees or buildings. Keep in mind that the access point needs to be able to connect to the router using a cable, so you’ll need to account for that in your setup.

1. DrayTekVigorAP 920R

The DrayTekVigorAP 920R is one of the latest outdoor wireless access points from the Taiwanese manufacturer. It is part of a new series of devices which promises a high level of protection against the elements, point-to-point connectivity of up to 1.8 miles, and a centralized management system which can monitor and configure multiple APs and routers. It offers multiple types of operating modes, including standalone mode, bridge mode, and repeater mode.

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The VigorAP 920R has a solid case with a white matte finish, and two thick external antennas pointing upwards. It was designed to have a neutral look, and it’s neither too big nor too heavy for an outdoor AP. It can easily be mounted on a pole (it measures 10.0 x 6.3 x 3.1 inches and weighs around 2.3 lbs.), making it in line with the traditional industrial-looking networking devices.

The 920R has an IP67 certification, which means it can withstand dusty conditions and being submerged in water up to a meter for 30 minutes. This makes it perfect for outdoor use, especially in areas that are prone to heavy storms.

2. MikrotikNetMetal ac2 Outdoor Extender

Before going any further, it’s important to understand that Mikrotik devices aren’t exactly consumer-friendly. RouterOS is a lot more complex than the software you might be used to on regular routers or access points, so be aware that there is a significant learning curve before you can really understand how things work. I’ve already added the NetMetal ac2 as a recommendation for being one of the best outdoor access points, but since it can also be configured to extend your wireless network’s range, I thought I’d include it here as well.

3. TP-Link CPE510

The TP-Link CPE510 is a great outdoor wireless access point that can also function as a repeater or extender. It has a 2×2 dual-polarized directional MIMO antenna (13dbi) for long-range coverage and uses passive PoE to power itself and connect directly to your router.

4. Hawking Technology Hi-Gain Outdoor Access Point / Bridge / Repeater HOD45B

Hawking Technology is a Canadian-based manufacturer of networking devices, their most popular products being the Hi-Gain Wireless access points. I chose the HOD45B because it has the ability to act as an Universal Repeater (the device is also dual-band, but, unlike the DrayTekVigorAP 920R, it only supports the 802.11a/b/g/n wireless network standards). Hawking Technology has not been as popular as other brands that focus on the same audience, but it has slowly gained

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