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Best TVs for Gaming 2021

Online gaming has in recent times been the front runner for the majority of internet users in the past year. What’s the main reason for this? Well, we can very well attribute this to the coronavirus pandemic that had engulfed the globe just last year. The lockdowns caused the majority of the population to either be stuck at home, confined to their home offices due to work from home, and limited to just a laptop screen when it came to acquiring education at all levels like schools, colleges, and universities. Times have been hard on everyone but online gaming has truly been an escape from those worries. All the big brands have adjusted quite well to the increase in demand for high-tech TVs and kept in mind that average consumers are one that has a consistently changing demand. This means that all the brands that want to maintain or increase their market shares would have to develop for the consumer or offer to the consumer something unique and provide an entity that increases the utility of the consumer even more than what they were experiencing with an older version of the same product. The modern TV simply just not have a big screen to its name rather it also quite better input lags and response times. VRR technology ensures that the modern-day consumer or online gamer would spend greater periods gaming than spending time adjusting his or her settings to get the best fit for them. Isn’t more game time and a better experience exactly why we buy a high-priced TV or get ourselves a fast and reliable internet connection? So here’s Best TVs for Gaming 2021:

The Highest Rated 4K OLED TV: The LG CX OLED

This TV model by LG isn’t simply just equipment that gives you amazing picture quality, rather it is a completely modernized piece of tech that somewhat makes us use the word revolutionary. Quite possibly the best feature about the TV is that it can provide “perfect blacks” through switching the pixels completely off.

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The only issue that we see with this TV is that it can be a victim of a permanent burn-in which is caused by static displays like logos and such.

The Highest Rated 4K LED TV: Samsung Q80/Q80T QLED

If you are asking for the best overall performance and value for money, then right here we have for you quite possibly the best option that could fit the bill. The jolted tight package provides gamers with everything that they might ever need along with supplying amazing picture resolution. There also exists a brand new array of color gamut which isn’t exactly what gamers need, if you get what we’re trying to say because you would have to calibrate it according to your own needs and requirements if you want to get the best experience out of the TV.

The Highest Rated Budget Friendly 4K TV: Vizio M7 Series Quantum 2020

Having options like FreeSync support, VRR support and the pocket-friendly price tag is something that you simply cannot just overlook. The response times on the device are near excellent and perfectly captures digital content that is high paced. However, one of the issues with the device is that it has a 60 HZ limit on its panel which is something that we don’t appreciate, especially considering all the options in the market.

Things That Influence the Gaming Experience:

How can we tell you all about the ways to get the best gaming experience without letting you all know about some of the factors that make online gaming possible?

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Internet Speed

There exists a basic rule of thumb that ensures individuals get zero lag and experience no buffering wait time when using the internet facility for gaming. You should calculate the internet speed that is required for your household by simply multiplying the number of individuals that live in a household by 10 Mbps. This will ensure that no one experiences lag as the total bandwidth that will be shared among the individuals will not be compromised.

Internet Customer Service

There was a time when many internet service providers did not acknowledge the importance of the customer service department. They believed that the department would not result in anything substantial other than catering to the questions of the customer. However, through the workings of many internet service providers, like Spectrum Internet through their Spectrum Customer Service, we saw that this department is highly influential in providing a complete and wonderful experience to the consumer.

Internet Reliability

Coming home with the expectations of relaxing with your online gamer friends and venting out the daily frustrations is something that simply cannot be compromised for many individuals. However, there has to be a way to ensure that when you come home, you are not welcomed to the site of a nonfunctioning internet connection. To avoid this frustration, we would recommend that you only get your internet connection from the service provider that has a good reputation in your neighborhood.

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