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3 Young NBA Superstars to Watch

Did you know that, during a normal season, there can only be about 450 players in the NBA?

Although all of them are talented, not everyone can be a famous basketball player. Are you wondering which rising players you should be paying attention to during the NBA season?

Keep reading to learn all about 3 young NBA superstars to watch.

1. Ja Morant of the Memphis Grizzlies

When it comes to the best current NBA players, Morant is the type of player who exudes confidence and appears as though he’s been in the game longer than most players. As a matter of fact, he’s barely over 20 years old.

Additionally, most people are surprised by his age because of his cold hard success. He quickly became his team’s most prized possession after taking the lead on both scores and distribution.

In short, he’s a big part of the Grizzlies’ mounting success. If Morant continues in this way, he’ll soon have the best shooting percentage as a freshman and beyond. Not to mention, he has a usage score of over 25%.

These stats are coming from someone who has shown a lack of confidence in his shooting skills and doesn’t seem the most comfortable at a distance. Imagine where Morant could go if he gets rid of any personal doubts? He could very well become one of the biggest basketball players in history.

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2. Trae Young of the Atlanta Hawks

Young is one of the most popular NBA players among the young crowd as well as the most divisive.

If you look at the ESPN scores, then that would make him the worst defender but also the best player for offense.

Weaknesses aside, Young has amazing promise as an offensive player, as long as he can be put on the perfect team. Plus, it wouldn’t hurt him to round out his rough edges.

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3. Ben Simmons of the Philadelphia 76ers

While by no means a perfect player, Simmons’ career shows tremendous promise. At 230 pounds and with a height of 6’10”, he is an imposing force on the basketball court. When he’s in the zone, people have said he can be as threatening as LeBron James.

What he lacks in three-ball or triples, he makes up for in steals, boards, dimes, and deflections. When he’s in the arc, in particular, he’s virtually unstoppable.

While his charity stripe could be a bit more accurate and his turnover score a tad lower, that doesn’t stop him from offering an all-encompassing defense and more. He definitely has the motivation to make it big indeed. If the stars align just right, he’ll be among them as one of the greatest superstars.

Ready to Watch These NBA Superstars?

Now that you’ve learned all about these 3 young NBA superstars, you can watch their careers skyrocket.

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